Violeta Orgaz


Violeta Orgaz is a Spanish actress with an international background currently based in Madrid. Since the beginning of her professional career she has worked in theatre, film and TV. Due to her English-Spanish bilingual background she has worked in several English-speaking productions. Violeta finished her drama studies in Estudio Corazza para el Actor, Madrid and in London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA).

Since 2011 she has been part of numerous theatre projects such as 'Platonov' by Antón Chékhov and 'The Criminals' by Ferdinand Bruckner, both plays directed by Juan Carlos Corazza. She has also played in several Microtheatre plays 'Sexo Oral’, ‘80m3’ and ‘Por que Úrsula sí y yo no?’. Her last work in theatre involves her participation in the play ‘LA Mujer (en obras)’, directed by Javier Ballesteros.

Her last cinematographic works include the feature film 'Los Amigos Raros' by Roberto Perez Toledo, 'Hijas' by Hermanos Prada and 'El amante imperfecto' by Jose Manuel Carrasco. For her work in 'Kisses' by Guillermo Benet she was awarded as Best Actress in the XI Edition of Notodofilmfest, an emblematic spanish short film festival. Violeta was recently awarded again in such festival as best actress for her work in the short ‘Llegar’ of Javi and Kiko Prada. In 2017 she shoots the feature film ‘Los Inocentes’, directed by Guillermo Benet and produced by Vermut Films, which now starts its distribution process.

Violeta has always been very interested in participating in international english-speaking projects. In the summer of 2011 she performed in the play 'Devotion' by Indalecio Corugedo in the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival with the theatre company Enebro Teatro. In 2013 she worked in the tv series 'The Avatars' for Disney Channel Italy and is now developing her English coach for actors skills.